Sero Prevalence of Rubella Immunity in Pregnant Women in Kerala, India

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International Journal of Medicine and Public Health,2016,6,4,189-192.
Published:November 2016
Type:Original Article

Sero Prevalence of Rubella Immunity in Pregnant Women in Kerala, India

Thayyil Jayakrishnan1*, Anitha Murkoth2, Biju George1, Bhaskar Rao1, Kuniyil Vidya5

1Department Community Medicine, Govt Medical College, Calicut. Kerala. INDIA.

2Department Microbiolgy. Govt Medical College, Calicut. Kerala. INDIA.

5Apartment 206, 10300 W Blue mount road, Wisconsin, USA.


Introduction: The endemicity of rubella has been well established in India and immunity to rubella in pregnant women can indirectly hint at the risk of acquiring Congenital Rubella Syndrome CRS. In India Rubella vaccine has not been introduced in universal immunization program (UIP) at national level and has been used in only in private sectors which cover only a small proportion of population. In the state no community based studies were conducted among pregnant women to study the immunity against rubella which will reflect their vulnerability to future infection. Aims: The present study was carried out primarily to assess the IgG seroprevalence of rubella in pregnant women. Second, to identify potential predictors of rubella immunity like age, gravidity and previous abortions. Material methods: The study was conducted in Mavoor panchayath area of Kozhikode district, Kerala. The subjects were pregnant women (n=70) of any period of gestation who were permanent residents of the area were selected by systematic random sampling from antenatal register. The data collection, blood sample collection and estimation of Rubella specific I G antibody was done by enzyme linked immunesorbent assay (ELIZA) method. Results: The mean age was 24.7 ± (SD4.3) years. The mean titre value was 192.45 ± 102.58 IU and 94.3% (95%CI 86.2 - 97.8) were Ig G positive .There was no difference between IgG levels among different trimesters, age or gravidity. Among those with history of abortion 100% and those without history of abortion 96.4% were Ig G positive. Conclusion: This study indicates that rubella is still an endemic condition in India, majority of pregnant women have acquired immunity towards rubella. More detailed epidemiological studies by taking samples from different states may be needed for a basis of national immunization program.

Relation IgG positivity with Parity of Women

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