Assessment of Drug Usage Pattern during Pregnancy at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

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International Journal of Medicine and Public Health,2016,6,3,130-135.
Published:August 2016
Type:Original Article

Assessment of Drug Usage Pattern during Pregnancy at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Bency Mary Varghese, Vanaja K, Reshma Banu

Department of Pharmacy Practice, Visveswarapura Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 24th Cross, 25th Main, BDA complex, BSK 2nd stage, Bangalore 560070


Objectives: To assess the usage of drugs during pregnancy in the OBG Department at a tertiary care teaching and research hospital in Bangalore city, India.

Materials and Methods: Data was retrieved from participant’s (n = 250) case sheets of OBG department, on daily basis during a period of 7 months. Data was collected during their visit to the hospital and admission for safe confinement, which included demographic details, list of drugs taken, categorization of drugs based on USFDA, ATC and class of drugs were recorded along with the precautions that has to followed while taking these drugs.

Results: Mean age was found to be 24.51 ± 3.81 years with 52% of participants having school level education, 91.21% were housewives, 32.4% had medical conditions, 76% of them practiced self-medication with 77.2% using OTC drugs, 1.2% of the study participants had diabetes mellitus before pregnancy and 4% developed gestational diabetes. Classification based on USFDA categorization as well as the Anatomical and Taxonomical Classification showed that majority of drugs prescribed in our study belonged to the USFDA Category B which are safe to be prescribed during pregnancy, such as anti-infectives (70.4%) followed by anti-diabetics (27.5%) and anti-anaemics (26.3%). Drugs belonging to the category X which are supposed to be contraindicated during pregnancy were not prescribed.

Conclusion: Knowledge about consumption of drugs during pregnancy and its effect on the foetus is important. Hence, a pharmacist can play an important role in reducing the ill-effects of drugs by educating the women on self-medication and the use of drugs during pregnancy.

Anatomical and Taxonomical classification of drugs used by the study participants.

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