Preduodenal Portal Vein or Malrotation

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International Journal of Medicine and Public Health,2011,1,2,44-46.
Published:April 2011
Type:Case Report

Preduodenal Portal Vein or Malrotation

Nisar Ahmad Bhat*, Shadab Nabi Wani**, Imtiaz Wani**, Syed Abeer**

Department of Pediatric Surgery, Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Srinagar Kashmir, India.


Preduodenal portal vein (PDPV) is a rare congenital anomaly and occurs either as a single malformation or in association with other malformations. PDPV is mainly asymptomatic and associated intestinal anomalies are often more likely to cause high intestinal obstruction. A neonate with recurrent bilious vomiting since birth is presented. Laparotomy revealed PDPV but it was intestinal malrotation that was causing intestinal obstruction.

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