Extensive persistent Trichuriasis: A case report

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International Journal of Medicine and Public Health,2014,4,4,523-525.
Type:Case Report

Extensive persistent Trichuriasis: A case report

Supriya B. Gachinmath, Pratibha S., Mary Dias, P. Mallikarjun1

Department of Microbiology, 1Gastroenterology, St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Trichuris trichura (whip worm) is one of the most common intestinal parasite of humans in tropical countries. Often asymptomatic in humans, heavy infection can lead to chronic bloody diarrhoea associated with complications like rectal prolapse (particularly in children), appendicitis, colitis and proctitis. Very few cases of extensive Trichuriasis have been reported worldwide. We report a case of a 5-year-old girl who presented with generalized weakness, bleeding per rectum and rectal prolapse of 1 year duration. She was investigated for bleeding per rectum. Colonoscopy performed revealed extensive worm infestation involving the entire colon which was later confirmed as Trichuris trichura (whip worm) by microscopy. Child was diagnosed as Trichuris Dysentery Syndrome (TDS), treated for the same and discharged on improvement of the symptoms. The patient was traced back using the address available from the hospital records as she was not brought to the hospital for further follow up. Although none of her symptoms recurred, her stool microscopy however showed the presence of Trichuris trichura ova even at the end of 2 years indicative of persistent asymptomatic Trichuris trichura infection.

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